Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayer Requests...

Please keep my sister's friend, Kayla, in your prayers...

She was on vacation with her husband & sisters, and had to be life-flighted to a Tennessee hospital severely ill. She is septic - which means that infection is raging throughout her entire body. She's in the ICU right now, but we're praying that all goes well over the next several critical hours & through treatment her body can get some help with this major battle.

My sis will be giving me updates as she gets them, and I hope to share positive news very soon.

Another person I'll be keeping in my prayers is a long-time friend who is going through a rather trying time right now. Though it can be really hard to do what's ultimately right (not easy), she's doing a really great job of doing just that. I pray that though these next few weeks and months may not be very easy or fun, she keeps on keeping on.

I pray God touches anyone and everyone in need - I mention only these 2 because they are so close to me & my sis. And both situations have occurred quite suddenly. I pray that all is well with everyone out there - Much Love to all, and God Bless.


The Dairy Wife said...

Am praying for Kayla ... and that will get better and the antibiotics will work. Please let me know any news.

I'm assuming Marilyn is down there with her.??


Nan said...

Positive thoughts and heartfelt prayers for both of your requests on my end to yours. Hugs, Nan