Sunday, March 9, 2008

Almost Speechless!

I say almost, because ANYONE who knows me also knows that I'm never speechless! (Even when I sleep) So, why now? I've won! I NEVER WIN! And I have won something that money can't even buy - a gift made with hands and heart. Let me slow down and explain...

Very early this morning, I checked out my regular blogs including Nannybird Crafts. It's her blogiversary, and she's had some really fun contests - I love entering just for the fun! I never dreamed I would win anything, but I did! - I won!!! I swear I must be completely blind, because I was reading her blog yesterday and didn't even see it - I still can't believe it... I never win! And to win something so very special and beautiful... An absolutely amazing hand-made purse that I cannot say enough about!

Her handmade purses are all SO beautiful - it's hard to even choose a favorite. There are two different types that I've seen: woven and crocheted purses. The woven purses are also called candy wrapper purses. Nan even has links on how they're made - it's incredible!

I realized that the woven pattern was very much the same as something my Mom taught me to do as a very little girl... She showed me how to make chewing gum wrapper chains, and they looked just like the purse designs! (only smaller) I remember her telling me how she and her friends used to do them all the time when she was in school, and they'd see how long those chains could get before they broke. Oh, it brought back such wonderful memories...!

Back to Nan's purses - what struck me most about them was HOW MUCH WORK goes into all those beautiful purses! Oh, I can't even imagine how much time it takes to make just one...! If I ever get to the point that I have [lots of!] free time on my hands, I would definitely like to take a crack at making a purse - or at least the basic pattern!

The other type of purse she makes is crocheted - she calls them Recycled Pursabilites, since they're all made out of plastic grocery bags. Now, I have no clue how she crochets the plastic bags into purses, but they're absolutely amazing as well! Nan's purses are all SO beautiful, and her skills absolutely amaze me!!! I cannot get over how talented she is! Honestly, I love them all SO MUCH!

Now, I want you all to hop on over to Nan's blog - tell her how much you love!love!love! her beautiful creations, wish her congratulations on her blogiversary, and check out the new contest she's got going on! I wish you all lots of fun and good luck on her new contest! Love to you all and God Bless!


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Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Amanda! What a terrific blog...I loved your gorgeous scenery pictures and your pics of Nashville, one of my favorite cities! Come visit me when you get a moment!