Monday, March 24, 2008

Livia's 1st Easter

My sweet little girl had her first Easter yesterday!! We had such an amazing (though busy) day.

It started bright and early for sunrise service at my church. I was in the Cantata (a special music program) and though I was a bit nasal-y it went great! The soloists all sang perfectly, and really brought home the true reason we celebrate Easter. Mom and Dad came too, and they watched Livie for me while I was up front with the rest of the group.

After, we all went out to my parents' to get some breakfast before we all headed back out to church for morning service - Perry met us there too! There's no way he would have missed it, because Laura Belle sang! We all love to hear her sing in church - she has just about the best voice there (except maybe for Matt D.)

Mom & Dad had to leave the service just a bit early so they could go ahead and get ready for Easter dinner with my Mom's side of the family. By the time we arrived back there, almost everything was already done! And soon after, others began to trickle in. By noon, we were ready to chow down on the most wonderful Easter feast! Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, hot rolls, coleslaw, vegies, macaroni, and more deserts than you can imagine. It was awesome!

Then afterward, everyone went out to find what "The Easter Bunny" (my Dad) left behind! Livia even found a few eggs all by herself (ok, with just a little help!) But I think the big kids had the most fun. It was all about the challenge. I only found 3 eggs, but there's no surprise in that... I've never been very good at finding them!

Not long after, everyone had left and I was pooped... So I snuck in a nap! I am SO thankful for my parents - they watched Liv for me while I slept a couple of hours.

I DO have pictures of Livia in her cute little Easter Dress, and a couple of Perry & me as well, but they are actually out at my parents' house right now. I'll get them up as soon as I can though, cause I just have to show off how cute she is in it!

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E and T said...

Hi Amanda

It sounds like you had a memorable Easter and it was even more special because it was Livia's first.

Looking forward to seeing photos of Livia on Easter Sunday.