Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Trip with Triple the Fun

Often our trips to the farm will be made with Liv in her riding stroller. It's so easy to push, even a kid could do it... Ok, actually 3!

Meg, Sam, & Jay all working together to push Livia to the farm

Actually, they didn't particularly want to work together at first. The stroller really is easy enough for just one of them to push. It was so cute to see them working together, though!

And it was even better watching them try their best to keep the stroller on the road.

They made headway so quickly!

On the way back to my parents house, it was only Livia & Megan (the boys wanted to stay with their Daddy to help with the cows). Rather than make one of the girls walk or even having someone carry one, we let them ride together!

Livie sat in between Meg's legs, and Megan held on tight to her cousin to make sure she didn't fall (or try to get) out.

Boy, am I so lucky to have such a such a sweet little girl - and we're both lucky to have the triplets in our lives!

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