Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Future Track Star...?

Earlier this summer, Livia went to her very first little race - The Little Dutch Run in Haubstadt Indiana. I prepped her, and pumped her up, and I just knew she was going to be great! I mean, she's a little speed demon here at home and almost everywhere! I had high hopes of her even placing...!

Liv with her Nana just before the race.

My high hopes were dashed when I saw from the finish line that she didn't even want her Nana to put her down! I think it was the high crowd that got to her...
At any rate, she did start running (with my Mom) once all the others began to clear out.

And guess what? She still got her first running metal out of it!
Here she is receiving it just after the race with her Papaw.

All the kids who finished under a certain time frame got one. And more importantly, Livia really did have fun. The whole experience was just awesome!
And like any good little runner, she finished her race properly - with a banana!

So then it was my turn (OHmy...) I hadn't been running as much as usual, and this was going to be my test to see how much I'd be doing. Liv has always been my little runnin' buddy, so at least I knew I couldn't just collapse halfway through!
Perry was of course there to cheer me on, and here's a shot of all 3 of us just before the 5k... Sorry, no after pictures due to the fact that I looked like I was about to pass out!

For the time being though, I have decided it's best for me to ease up on the running... My knees let me know on a daily basis that it's just not the best idea to do so. I will be getting them checked out soon to find out what I need to do to be able to get back to one of my (and perhaps Liv's) passions!

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dani said...

i hope your knees will hold up for you; i know how much you enjoy running. it's just so high impact, huh!!?!?
much love,
dani xxx