Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Polka Dot Poser

At long last, it's happened - Livia has begun posing for the camera! Since she's had a camera in her face at least 50% of her waking (and sometimes non-waking) life, I was happily surprised yesterday evening when she said,

"Take a picture me, Mommy!"

Yes, she really did say that! Liv has been talking in full sentences for several months, but they're finally getting pretty easy to decipher.

At any rate, I clamored to get the camera before she changed her mind!

"I sit like Mommy!"

Were the words coming out of her mouth for this shot - and you guessed it, that's exactly how I was sitting.


Amazingly, she didn't do her usual open mouth 'cheesy' grin. That's almost always what happens when she says that magical dairy word... Like magic, she opens up her mouth like she's about to eat a huge bite of cheese.

"Me lay on belly, Mommy?"

Oh, is she really getting this posing thing down!


Doh! I guess I spoke too soon - this is her usual 'cheese' face... Still quite cute I must admit.

"I lay like dis, 'K?"

I could see her starting to get sleepy, but I didn't even care - I couldn't wait to see how she would pose next! And I just loved the little polka-dot outfit she had on.

"I holdin' my face, see?"

Ok, this one was my idea. But it definitely didn't come out as I'd imagined or even hoped - WAY cuter! I told her to put her face her her hands... This was when she was laying on her tummy. Well, she sat right up and did as I asked!

Livia was so much fun. Unfortunately my husband was out of town for a funeral... But after I emailed him one of these photos, his night definitely got a lot better. Bless his heart, he's had to drive so much the last 2 days (at least 7 hours each day). I'm thinking I should do something extra special for him. I don't suppose the dishes & laundry count, do they? Eh, didn't think so!

I love you SO much Perry... Last night just didn't feel right without you. I'm glad you're back home safely, and I'm even happier that we'll be able to have some family time to make up for yesterday!

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