Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Climber

I'm starting to wonder if there's nothing that Liv cannot climb!

We were at church for Family Day a couple of Sundays ago, and Livia and I were playing in the little park area.
Then she happened to catch sight of someone off in the far distance, beyond the playground fence safely keeping her in...

Amongst our church friends, Liv spotted her Nana and Papaw!
And once she had them in her sights...She wasn't about to let that little fence stop her!
Within seconds, she was at the top!

And that's when her Mommy finally put down the camera -- good thing too because she was SO close to going over!

Who knows what she'll be trying to climb next...!


Amanda said...

I bet Liv is just like my boys ~ never without a bruise or two over her legs!!

dani said...

now that's determination... and love:) liv is such a cutie, amanda!!!
much love,
dani xxx

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda, Your gorgeous little Liv looks so grown up and a very capable climber by the look of these pictures. They say love knows no bounds and she has proved that. So loverley to have you back in the land of Blog.
Love and hugs XXXOOO