Thursday, September 17, 2009

Date Night

So every month, my husband and I have made a promise to each other that we'll do a "date night" - just the two of us. This month's is quickly approaching, and it's my turn to choose what we'll be doing! Just in case my husband gets a wild hair & decides to check this blog, I'm not going to disclose any specifics... But it will be lots of fun!

Last time, Livia spent the night with her Grandma Trilby & Papa Bill; and this time we asked my parents to watch her. Except now, they may be off the hook since her Day Care is have a spend-the-night tomorrow evening. She absolutely loves it there, and how could I tell her 'no' when Evan's mommy specifically asked me to be sure to let Liv spend the night so Evan would have his best friend there - awww!! I knew that Livia loves Evan, but it's so sweet to know that he loves her just as much.

Last month was of course Perry's turn to choose, and he took me to do something that we had never before done together: We went bowling! I absolutely loved it - even though my talented husband beat the pants off me in both games.

After that, we had both worked up an appetite. Which is a really good thing, because my husband decided to take us to...

They have the absolute BEST food and [indoor] atmosphere in the Evansville area. It's such a treat not only to eat the sushi & hibachi grill, but to actually see our meal expertly prepared. With entertainment too! (ie: rolling an egg across the grill = "egg roll!"; making a volcano out of an onion; and spicing up the night with some fire!)

Stay tuned to find out what this month's date night has in store...! Fingers crossed, we'll be doing it this weekend! And I can't wait :o)

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