Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Liv's First Big Trip

Earlier this year, we were super busy with all the pre-wedding activities. One of the most exciting was Laura's Bridal Shower up in Goshen Indiana. Michael's Mom (Cindy) & Aunt Mina put it together for for, and it was so great. Laura Belle did have a shower down here as well - but the Goshen & the Mackey Showers are other posts entirely!
I had never been to Goshen before, and until Laura met Michael, I hadn't even heard of it. But I was very excited to make a trip up to Michael's hometown for Laura's Shower.
Liv and I rode up with my parents, and while I was still awake, I took some photos of what we saw on our way out:
The creeks were all flooded from the massive amounts of rain we'd recently gotten...
The water level in this creek is usually about 15 feet lower!

And since my eyes are always looking to the sky, I couldn't resist a snapshot of the beautiful countryside...
You can see how wet the field as well.

And since I was sitting right next to my little munchkin, I couldn't resist a cute shot of her!
Livie-Bug in her Car Seat

So it's about a 6 hour drive up to Goshen, and it really wasn't too bad! Well... what of it I remember, anyway. Since Livia was born, I've been especially prone to car-sickness. It takes almost nothing for me to get nauseated. So I did the only logical thing, and took Dramamine - and it took me out!

We were to stay with Michael's parents - they wouldn't even think of letting us get a hotel! I can't tell you how amazing they are... Anyway, Liv conked out as well before we arrived, so we easily carried her in to the crib Dan & Cindy put up for her. They even had a bed for me in the same room.

The next day was fun, busy... and COLD! I was shocked at how much cooler it was to the North. At first I was afraid that I didn't pack enough warm clothing! Thankfully, I ended up having more than I first thought.

Sometime after Laura's Shower, Dan suggested we take Liv to one of the best parks ever - And Livie loved it!

Having a blast on the swings

And the slide as well - with a little help from her Papaw

Then we actually went someplace really special - we went to see where both Dan & Cindy work. Where is that? New Horizons Aviation where Dan is a Flight Instructor! Oh, how I wish we lived closer!

At first Liv was just a bit intimidated by the aircraft, but soon she was running underneath the wings, having a blast.

Then we went back to the Steiners' where Livia quickly became the center of attention: She found Nathan's 16 pound bowling ball and...

She proceeded to pick it up!!!

It weighs more than half of what she does, so it was no surprise that she had everyone's attention
Michael's brother, Nathan, Laura & Michael closely gathered around Liv

You can see her straining to lift it - OHmy!

I'm still not so sure it was a good idea, but then again it certainly wasn't my idea. 2-year-olds have a mind - and even a power - like no other!

And she was quite tickled with herself!

After a very fun evening, a wonderful meal, and entertainment, Liv wanted just a little Papaw time before bed...
She just adores my Dad - Mr. Wonderful as we call him

The next day was Sunday, and somehow we managed to make it to church on time (How did they do it with me along?!) And I wanted a picture of my Mom, Dad, & Liv:
Livia with her Papaw & Nana

After a wonderful Mennonite Service filled with the most amazing voices I've ever heard, we headed back to the Steiners' for a quick lunch.

Then unfortunately, it was time to head back down to Southern Indiana... We all said our goodbyes, and Liv made sure that she gave Nathan a very special hug - awww!
How sweet!

On the way back home Liv didn't sleep much at all... Subsequently, neither did I really! One of the things that kept her entertained was me taking pictures out the windows & showing them to her. One of my favorites is below:
This is the only horse & buggy that I saw while there - and I managed to capture it while on the go, out a window!

Just one of the many wonderful memories I now have from Goshen, Indiana. I hope we can go back again someday soon - with my husband next time though! I never sleep as well without him by my side, but there was no way I was going to drag him there for a Bridal Shower!

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