Saturday, September 12, 2009

Small Blessings

I long time ago - I honestly have no clue even when - I gave my sister an MP3 player that I didn't really use. Within the last few months, though, I've been thinking it really would be nice to have for many reasons.

It would be great at work - I've fallen in love with KLOVE (radio station 95.3 FM here). It's a Christian radio station, and it's really a blessing in my life. Plus, if I remembered correctly, it also recorded (from the radio or even voices).

Well, since Laura now didn't really use it anymore, she kindly let me have the MP3 player back last Sunday - and ever since, I've been feeling really, really blessed! I get to listen to KLOVE whenever I want, and I've already gotten some awesome recordings of my sweet little Livia's voice!

She loves to sing in the tub, so I got her doing that; and I just love the way she says some words (like blanket: it comes out sounding like "bank-o-let" or "blank-o-let") - too cute, right! I even got her spelling her name - yes, she really can, perfectly!

I can't wait to see what else I'll be able to capture with that awesome little MP3 player/voice recorder!

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