Monday, September 14, 2009

Princess Meg

Last night I popped over to my Aunt's blog and saw this...

This... This cannot be my little cousin!! The young lady in this photo is far too grown-up... She almost looks like royalty!

Now, make no mistake about it - Meg is most certainly a Princess. Not the kind of Princess you find just anywhere though:

Megan is the kind of Princess who loves and is loved by creatures big and small...

She's the kind of Princess who is a natural nurturer & caregiver...

She's the kind of Princess who loves helping...

And she's the kind of Princess who loves to have fun!

Megan is more than a Princess - she's like the big sister that my Liv will never have. I can't wait for the day that we'll be able to move closer to their neck of the woods! And as soon as we do, I've already told my husband that Megan will be spending the night all the time! I think I talk about it too much, because sometimes Livia will even say, "Someday Meggie spend the night wif me?"

Yes, I do love Meg just like my own little girl. How could I not? Everyone loves Princesses! And one last picture of Meg with her Daddy & brothers - just to show how much of a Princess she truly is!

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dani said...

princess megan has it all, amanda!!! what a beautiful little girl inside out and a great "big sister" to your precious little liv:)
i hope you will be able to realize your dreams very soon, my dear friend.
much love,
dani xxx