Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - 2009

This wonderfully long weekend has had its ups & downs, but it really was a great one! By Thursday, I was very much looking forward to having an extra day off... Why?
See below...
My sweet little daughter found that she could reach all sorts of things by climbing upon her changing table. Looking back, I really should have seen this coming, but I honestly didn't think my little angel could possibly make such a mess - and so quickly!
There's no way she could have been in there for more than a minute or two tops; and yet she was able to empty nearly an entire tube of Desitin into her hands... and subsequently all over her, the wall, her changing table, and more!

I had high hopes of making the most of every day in this long weekend, but it became painfully obvious Friday that there was no way I would be able to do anything unless I went to the Dr. for a horrendous headache that I'd had for more than 2 days. Turns out that I did the right thing - I had a heck of a sinus infection. Which kept me home all Friday night & Saturday. (Grr...) And I still wasn't feeling great on Sunday; and though I did not make it to church, I was able to get out to my parents... I think Liv would have gone crazy if she didn't get her weekly trip!

And lucky for me, I got to see my sister & her now husband Michael while there! They were married July 11th of this year, and I can't wait to show off some photos & stories of the events leading up to, and of course the wedding.
They were sweet enough to let me snap a couple of great shots of them before they left for evening church:
Laura recently traded her long locks for a very chic & stylish short-cut. I absolutely love it on her! And don't they look so happily married?

When Liv woke up from a late nap, we headed to the farm as usual... Although she missed her favorite show of Uncle Don & his Bobcat. She was still quite happy just to be there.

Livia & her Papaw looking at the cows

After we got back to my Mom & Dad's, Liv played outside until after the sun went down... And I was happy to be out there with her, so I could see the magnificent sunset!
It was just so pretty - unfortunately the camera couldn't quite capture how lovely it really was. (It never stops me from trying though!)

Oh - and something that's become very obvious to everyone is how much Livia Rachelle LOVES tomatoes! I thought no one could possibly like them as much as I do, but I think I have truly met my match!
She'll often go into the garden at my Mom & Dad's and pick a little snack for herself - as you can see!

Today was a great one as well - we spent the whole day together as a family! Perry, Liv & I went out to eat brunch at IHOP (yummy-licious!) And then shoe shopping. No! It really wasn't my idea! And believe it or not, I didn't even look for any. Livia & Perry both needed a good pair of tennis shoes - and I wish I would have gotten a picture because they both got New Balance brand.
Oh well. I did get some awesome pictures of Perry playing in the park with her Daddy close at her side. Our original plans were to take Liv to the Boonville splash park one last time before it closed for the season, but upon arrival we saw nothing was working & a sign over the hours...
"Splash park closed due to mechanical issues. Splash park closed for season."
How nice, huh? If Livie wouldn't have fallen asleep on the way there, we would have been in so much trouble!
Anyway, Livia did have a lot of fun:
On the swings...

Daddy helping her navigate the playground...

All the way up the wall to the big slide...

And down!

We finally packed up & drove around Perry's hometown where he grew up - he showed me where different businesses used to be, where some still are after all these years, and where many changes occured as well.
One very neat change was that my sister & Michael recently bought their house - and that house just happened to be where one of Perry's good friends grew up! He said, "I've been in that house a hundred times!"
After the town tour, we went to visit Livie's PaPa Bill - her Grandma Trilby is on vacation, so we know he loved the company. And Livia adores him endlessly!
Finally we headed home. It was still really early in the evening though, and I still felt bad about Liv not getting her fun day at the splash park. So I decided to take her down to the Old National fountain to play and splash...!
She was the only one there, and she loved having the whole place to herself.

I know that water was cold, but Livia sure didn't seem to mind!

And how could I not love this sweet little girl?

She played & splashed until her little lips were beginning to turn blue! I finally convinced her to get going (willingly)... but only with the bribe of McDonalds. Once in a while isn't too bad though, right?

And I hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did!

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Amanda said...

I hope you are feeling much better now ~ it's just typical that you were ill on your days of work!

Kids just love the water and don't seem to mind the cold ~ my boys certainly don't!

A x