Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend Wonders

This past weekend was so awesome - busy, but good! What little time I was home was spent doing housework (mostly laundry), but it's the time away from home that was SO fun! Saturday, Liv, Perry, & I went to the Home Show out at Roberts Stadium. Perry actually had to work it Friday night (Livie & I did visit him after we got done eating out with my Mom & Dad) but it was a lot more fun to be there together as a little family!


Sunday was SUCH an awesome day! Little Livia has been trying so hard to walk all by herself for the last several weeks... And Sunday was the day that she really took off! I had her all dressed up in THE cutest little church dress for a photo shoot, so I got the most adorable pics of her walking all by herself! Oh, and my awesome sis got some video for me while I was snapping away...

And here's a few of the best photos I took of Livie walking (So many turned out blurry, since she was moving so quick!)

She's so happy to be walkin'!

Her grandma's right there to make sure she doesn't fall...

But Livia's fearless - ready to take off on her own!

Aaannd... Off she goes!

Right into Mommy's arms - yes, I did somehow manage to put the camera down to catch her.

Laura Belle actually got a video of this exact sequence & sent it to me as well, but the one I put up was just a little better.

I guess I should include just a couple of pics from our photo sessions...!

We couldn't get this kid to crack a smile til her Auntie Laura Belle came into the room - then she was all smiles! And if you look really close, you can see those little toothers a' poppin though! Can you believe she got her first 2 teeth on top?! I wonder how common that is...

Lil Miss walking-all-by-herself coming right towards me!

And we got several outside, but this was totally one of the best - I love it!

OK - now, I have to brush my teeth & get ready for bed... I may be able to squeeze one more post in while I'm getting ready for bed!

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E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Just gorgeous. This post brings a smile to my face. Livia's dress is adorable and what a clever, beautiful girl she is.

It's one of those moments where as a mum you are just beaming and full of pride.