Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Livia's 1st Birthday Party

Livia's wonderful little Polka Dot Party was absolutely perfect! We had a fantastic turnout - almost everyone who said they would come sure did. I knew of a few that weren't going to be able to make it - mainly The Dairy Wife & her clan. I was kinda sad that they weren't going to be there... I still want Megan & Maggie to meet up someday - they're both such girlie-girls that I bet they'd get along famously!

Before the party, both Laura Belle and my Aunt stopped by to personally deliver Livie's birthday presents! Livie's Auntie Laura Belle was first - she gave us this small little bag, and said, "Big things come in small packages!" I opened it up to find... a bracelet that perfectly matches her dress! With cute little danglies and everything! And that's not all - my wonderful sister gave ME a bracelet that matched Livie's!!! I was so SO excited! I know those things don't run cheap, and I felt so honored that she would get something so lovely not only for Liv, but for me too!

When Tanya came by, she also gave Livia a bracelet that matched her dress & had a cute little '1' on it as a charm. So absolutely precious. AND she gave me the watch that she made and re-sized for me. I might add here, that all the jewelry that The Dairy Wife & Laura Belle gave us was made by Tanya - she's such a tallented lady.

Here's one of the 1st pictures after we arrived. I had the wonderful idea of putting the birthday party hat on Livia... She didn't think it was such a great idea... (PS - the bracelet Laura got her is on her right wrist, Tanya's is on the left)

Oh my goodness! Mommy finally got that hat on her!
Here's something else really, really cool - the bib that Livie's wearing is from my good friend Tara. I actually got her a bib for this outfit, but Tara's matched MUCH better! I mean, if I hadn't known any better, I'd think that Tara had ESP[N] (haha) because that bib matched Liv's little outfit just perfectly!

Ha Ha! She got that hat off, and it was SO funny!

Here's Perry & Tara looking at party favors & playing Livia Trivia (more about Livia Trivia in a later post!) I still can't get over that perfectly matching bib - you rock Tara!

Anne & Jamie both came (with their hubby's, coarse) - just had to get a shot of the two of them with little Olivia Anne in her polka dot dress! Isn't she a little doll baby? (Just under 3 wks old in this picture)
And here's my Mom & Anne with their little grandbabies

My little cousin Jordan, with his Aunt Breana & his momma (my cousin Jamie) in the background. Isn't he just a cutie pie?

Here's my Gramma Pat & her boyfriend, Jerry

And of coarse Mr. Michael & my awesome sis, Laura Belle

My long-time friend Kellee came with her fiance, Marcus - unfortunately this is really about the only really good pic I got of the 2 of them. Liv & I will be going to Marcus' little boy's birthday party this Sunday afternoon!

Cousins Together, Friends Forever
One of the best snapshots of the night - Maggie holding Livie. Such beautiful little girls!

"Oh, Nolan, help me!" I think that's about what Maggie was saying here! Luckily, Nolan stepped right in & took the weight of Liv off of Maggie-Boo.

And here's one of Livia & Nolan - he loves her so!

Livia & her PaPa Bill

Livia, her Grandma Trilby, & Maggie - such a cute picture!

Nolan & his Daddy, Matt - aren't they both so handsome?

Kendra & Maggie enjoying the fun

Livia being held by her Auntie Kee-Kee

I just LOVE the way K~'s looking at Livia - it's just so beautiful and sweet!
I'm sure I mentioned this before, but Kendra was definitely my inspiration for the Polka Dot theme of the party. Thanks SO much for helping me get everything together, K~! I owe ya :o)

The following entry is the continuation of this day... Again, both are post dated to the day that they SHOULD have been written on! Don't worry, I won't be doing very more like this, I promise!


E and T said...

Oh Amanda, what a beautiful party. Livia looked divine and I just love those bracelets. Your sister is a treasure to think to buy you a matching bracelet as well.

That photo of Maggie and Livia is so sweet. I remember that you once mentioned that Maggie reminds you of my Savanna and I would have to agree!

The photos tell such a beautiful story about Livia's very first birthday party. It was obviously a memorable day filled with love and laughter.

Kendra said...

Great post sweetie. I was glad to help with anything that I could!

Love the photos. Can't wait to put the one of Livie and Maggie in the picture frame.