Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liv's Pics from JCPenney

I wrote a few weeks ago that I had taken Livia to JCPenney's for a photo session, and I thought I'd share the results! I just picked them up a few days ago. The pictures I'm posting are the ones they actually e-mailed me - not very high resolution, but they work great for just seeing what we ended up with. There were so many great pictures that it was hard to decide! Like I said, I ordered waaay too many!

Love this one! Sitting up & so happy

Looks like a little baby-school photo doesn't it?

Big grins & waving to herself!

She looks SO BIG *sigh...*

More smiles and waves - this time to everyone!

She did SO great for all these shots! Then we changed into her Easter dress & got some more good shots.

Eh, she's not all that thrilled, but still a really cute pic.

Pretty darned cute :o)

What is it, Livie? A little Easter Bunny! I know it's hard to tell since she's picking it up...

Ha! OK, we caught her in action, flinging her arms.

They got just a few of the two of us (per my request, of coarse)...

This would have been great... If Liv wasn't making sure the world saw my cleavage! And there's a whole lot'a leg in this picture too. Should be no surprise that Perry's the only one who'll be getting this shot!

Much better! Livia isn't really smiling big, but she's being good, and actually covering up the area previously enhanced - she just loved my necklace I wore.

Close up of the two of us. Someday at JCPenney's I hope to get a pic with her all smiling & happy with me!

Finally, these last few were taken with my Mom in mind. She got Livia 'lambie ears' for Easter! And since these pictures were actually taken for Easter, I couldn't resist putting them on her for some more pictures.

You can tell she's kinda starting to lose patience though...

Ooh! She is REALLY not too happy with the photo session - or me - at this point! (See the bunny's even been knocked over and she's kinda stomping her foot?)

But we still managed to get one last REALLY great shot! I love this picture so much because it's just classic Liv - it looks like she's thinking, "OK, I'm bein' good! But get this thing of'a my head!" (Her Daddy does that little one-raised-eyebrow thing too, by the way!)

So that's why I had such a hard time choosing! A bunch of really good ones.

I'm trying to get them all sorted out to give out (already cut out & written on). I have enough that I'm planning on giving them out to local friends & family, and also to Perry's out-of-state family. He has aunts, uncles, his Grandma & Great Grandma who would probably really like to have some updated pics! I just wish I knew which picture(s) they'd like to have! Any suggestions?


E and T said...

Amanda, those photos are just gorgeous. I don't think you can go wrong when choosing photos for your relatives - they are ALL stunning.

You look absolutely beautiful in the photos. Liv sure has one gorgeous mummy.

We had a set of professional photos done was Sav was 6 months and we completely blew our budget, but 12 months later we still think it was well and truly worth it. We don't regret for a second spending so much on professional photos because we had such a hard time trying to choose just one or two.

mah-meeee said...

sooo cute! i love the one of her waving to herself. she looks soooo happy!

btw, hello, you look awesome! man, if i only look that good after kids!

Jennifer said...

How cute! I always buy way to many photos when I take my girls. LOL Now I like to buy the CD they sell so that I can have all of them and do what I want.

Joy said...

Cute pics! I love the lamb ears!

Egghead said...

These are just darling. I love the little lamb ears, especially in the last one. You both look so beautiful. Great pictures.

lisa marie said...

She looks like she had fun at first anyway. :) Smiles abound!

Sisterlisa said...

How Precious!!!!!