Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Livia Won Again!

I don't want to fall asleep typing this up, so I'll probably have to come back & give it the praise it deserves a bit later... But I just can't hold in the excitement any more!

Livia won the Happy Panda Baby "fierce baby" contest!!! (Click here to see the super-cute way they picked the winner!)

I just picked what she'll be getting with her 'winnings' - and I ended up buying a little something for myself as well! (Shhh - don't tell hubby! Just kidding, I used my allowance) Ya'll will just have to wait til we get them in to see what we got! Knowing me, there will be TONS of pics :o)

A HUGE thank you to Happy Panda Baby, and I promise I'll be writing more about them soon! In the mean time, ya'll should go check out what they have to offer - really, really cute stuff! All made here in the US and no tags, so baby won't be at all uncomfortable. Have I mentioned before that I LOVE pandas? I seriously do! And let me tell you, all those cute little panda bear designs were hard to choose from!

Anyway, now it's off to bed! Much love and God Bless!

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