Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Does this Always Happen?

I'm all behind... again! It's becoming my weekly ritual to 'catch up' and not KEEP up with my blog! And once again, it's not that there's nothing to write about. Quite the contrary, actually. There's so much to write about I scarcely know where to begin!

I shall try to do so, though, and I suppose the best place to start was Friday. Livia woke up early that morning throwing up. Not a fun thing. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, though... No fever, no diarrhea, not acting like she felt bad - just couldn't keep anything down. And as quickly as it started, it disappeared in just a couple of hours!

So I decided after several hours of her doing just fine, that we would go ahead with our trip to Grandma Pat's. Would you believe that on the way there she got sick? Poor baby :o( Once again, though, she acted fine. I called Gramma & she was fine with us still coming up. We had a lovely time - spent about 3 hours there!

Later that evening, we went out with my Mom & Dad to Shyler's to get some yummy food. Livia ate SO good! Again, didn't act like she left bad at all! I guess I'm attributing it to her getting a whole bunch of teeth. She's gotten three in as many weeks & has been quite fussy about it (wouldn't you be?!)

OK - speaking of my little Angel, she's a'calling for me now... Stay tuned for the rest of our weekend adventures & from early this week!

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