Monday, April 14, 2008


I was just thinking about how quickly the time's been passing lately. Has it seriously been almost six months since I started this blog?! It doesn't seem possible! I've been lucky enough to see my friend, Jamie, and her new little baby, Olivia a few times since she was born. It seems like just a few days ago that Liv was that small! And here she is toddling around, getting teeth, and learning all sorts of new tricks every day.

Some of the first words to the song "Unchained Melody" don't quite fit - it seems that time couldn't go more quickly. At least that's how I feel at this point in my life. When I was younger, though, things seemed completely opposite! And not just things that were boring (we all know that 'sitting still' for 15 minutes is an eternity to a kid!)

Perhaps God does everything he can for us to make our childhood last as long as possible - all our best memories are from our childhoods, it's when we form some of our deepest & most meaningful relationships, and He even seems to slow down time for us. For both the very fun, and the not so fun times...

Family vacations seemed to last for weeks & weeks - even trips to Holiday World seemed to last much longer than the hours we were actually there. But getting there took forever too!

I do still remember as a small child thinking how even the quickest trip to town or to Gramma's seemed to take FOREVER. To me as a small little girl, I felt like those now quick half-hour to 45 minute trips took hours and hours. And you'd think that having a little sister right there in the back seat with me would make the trips so quick & pleasant. Wrong. WRONG!

I still remember a trip that my sis & I just wouldn't stop bickering. We often did this... we were just REALLY at each other's throat that particular day. God Bless my Mother, she has the patience of a saint, but even we were too much for her on this trip...

We were really getting close to home, out on the very lightly traveled gravel roads. It was very rare that we'd even meet others driving on those roads - unless you've just washed you car, that is. Anyway, my Mom stopped the car, turned around and said, "If you two don't straighten up, I'm gonna make you two get out of the car and WALK!" That worked for like a minute. Then we were right back at it. The next thing we knew, the car jerked to a stop (*Note - this is what it felt like to a kid! In actuality we were on a gravel road, and I know for a fact that my mom couldn't have been going over 20-25 MPH. Especially since we'd already almost made her stop once!)

Mom then told Laura & I to "get out and start walking!" We looked at each other, then at my Mom... And she said "I mean it! Get out and walk. I'll be right behind you in this nice air-conditioned car." So we did. We walked for a good 5 or 10 minutes with our Mom crawling at a snail's pace in the car behind us. Then my Mom pulled back up beside us and said "If you two'll behave you can get back in." Laura & I didn't say another word til we got back home!

My Mom jokingly refers to this day as "The day your Mom lost it!" I think it was a pretty smart of her though! In fact, I may need to use that someday if we ever have another little one - and live out in the country on gravel road. Just kidding! ...Maybe!


Kindra said...

Thanks for paying me a visit! Glad you came by!

Yes, it seemed like when we were younger moments/events seemed like they were "forever" but they seem like a blink of eye now that I'm grown and have kids of my own. :( I guess that's just a friendly reminder to slow down and enjoy those simple moments with family and friends.

Have a great evening!

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

You're so right, now that we have little ones time just seems to be flying by. Before we know it we'll be blogging about their first day at school.

That's all the more reason to cherish every precious moment.

What a tale your mum and you have to tell about the day she made you walk, AKA the day your mum lost it.
You know what they say: what goes around, comes around. Perhaps years from now Liv will be telling a similar tale!?!

Love to you and yours.

Jennifer said...

LOL That's hilarious it reminds me of me and my sister. On the trip to the Grand Canyon we amused ourselves by giving each other "dead legs" See who could hit the other on the thigh harder. And we weren't even fighting. LOL At the time I won because I was bigger but now she would win hands down. LOL

My two oldest fight all the time already at 4 and 2. I'll have to file this one away for future use!