Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Livia's Birth - Day 3

For our final day in the hospital, there wasn't really a whole lot going on... No visitors except for my Mom & Perry, so I took the opportunity to take Livia down to the nursery while I got myself ready and packed up to leave.

Livia looked like she was waving to me - "Bye Mom!"

This was the only time she was in the nursery during the daytime, so I wanted proof that she was actually there!

After I was ready to go, they came in to do Livia's birth pictures. The lady was sweet enough to even let me take a few of my own!

My Little Livie-Angel

So sweet

Mine didn't turn out nearly as good as hers, but I was so happy to have these for the memories!

After that, we dressed Livia in her little going home outfit from K~ and took TONS of pictures before we left...

Itty Bitty Livie holding on to her Daddy's finger

Liv in my arms
I love how her little hands are both grasping mine!
Oh, baby, you'd better not be camera shy with me for your Mommy!

Safe in the arms of Love

Look at that tiny little peanut in her car seat! That's what the nurses called Livia in the hospital - Little Peanut. So cute!

Perry leaning in for a pic - now you can really see how small Livia was!

Just the 3 of us just before we left the hospital
My journey through pregnancy had [finally!] ended, but we had only begun on a whole new path together!

*This is the last post-dated entry, I promise! Thanks for putting up with my slight insanity :o)

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E and T said...

Amanda, those angel pictures are so sweet. It looks like you and Livia had matching going home outfits - very clever!

Livia looks oh so tiny in that car seat. I remeber when we bought Savanna home she was exactly the same. Now look at them, they are both big girls in their car seats.

Love to you