Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Could've Been Worse...

No, I didn't do anything THIS bad! I can be quite the airhead, but I swear I'd never do this to my child! (How funny is it though?!) I did do something quite 'blonde' that warrants writing about, however.

I can be a bit spacey. Sometimes I just live in my own little la-tee-la-tee-da world. Most of everyone who knows me has known this for, oh, ever. Livia's Auntie Kee-Kee may not have actually realized how much I am a ditz until just last night...

Yesterday evening, Livia & I went out with Kendra (my sis-by-choice - AKA, Conservative Supermom) to go out to eat! It was just the three of us, and though it was fun, I kinda missed not having any of her kids around. Anyway, K came over to our house as I was finishing up getting ready (running late again - imagine that!) After I did finally get loading up, I was putting Livie in her car seat (that she gave us, by the way! Isn't she awesome?) and I saw Kendra was giving me the funniest look...

"What's wrong?" I said

"Um... How are you putting her in there...?" K replied, noticing that it was taking me a bit to get Liv situated in her car seat.

"Like this [me moving out of the way for her to see]... Is that not right?"

"Well, I never put any of my kids in like that... I usually sit them down & snap the straps over their legs..."

[Me finally 'getting' how I was putting Livia in wrong] "Ohhh... OOHHH!! You mean I've been doing this the HARD WAY for like nearly a year?!"

We sure shared a good laugh over that... God Bless her! She could have made me feel like such an idiot, but she didn't! Like she said: At least I'm finding this out now instead of on kid #3 - though that very well could have been the case if she hadn't come to my rescue! See, she really is a Supermom :o)

Thank you again for an absolutely wonderful time out, K - and thanks for not making me feel like a total space-case when you saw how I've been putting Livia in the car seat 'the hard way'!


E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Ahhh the things we learn as we go. At least you can have a good laugh as you learn. Laughter makes that steep learning curve so much more easier to climb.

E and T said...

Hello Amanda

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I can't believe that I have not taken any pictures of Sav kissing, or gently touching my tummy. A brilliant idea and I can't wait to try and get some pics of this tomorrow.

Your idea about the photos in the mirror sound absolutely brilliant. I am going to attempt to execute your awesome idea (if you don't mind of course). Not sure if my limited photography skills will be up for the challenge, but it's worth a try.

I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts. I am so glad that I have met you in blogland.

Sending love to you and your family.

Kendra said...

HeeHee....Awww that was a funny moment. You are not a space-case sweetheart! We both know I've done things like that too!!! lol

Are we still on for Wed morn???

See ya then. K~

Jennifer said...

LOL I would love to see how you've been putting her in.

By the way, thank you for your very kind comment on my blog! You're very sweet!