Friday, April 11, 2008


So I should totally be sleeping, but I just can't resist (am I officially TOO addicted to blogging when I'm giving up sleep to do it?)

Anyway, I faithfully read Four Silly Sisters & Marybeth's latest blog mentioned a really fun contest over at 4tunate that I just HAVE to take part in! Basically, you take a pic from what's on your camera right now & send it in for Jen's contest. Since I haven't taken any pictures since Sunday (what's wrong with me??!) I technically already had this picture on my computer. But it's from my last 'dump' and it's completely unedited - very unlike me! But I didn't know if 'edited' photos were allowed. So here it is...!

Livie fast asleep in her Mama's arms.

My Mom took this pic for me - there were quite a few that she took of Liv sleeping in my arms, but this really was my fav.


OK - it just wouldn't be ME if I didn't put an edited version of that pic on here! (*Notice how this one is so much bigger that the unedited version?)

Safe in the Arms of Love

Yeah, I definitely like this a lot better


E and T said...

I can see why you love this photo -it's stunning. It speaks a thousand words about motherly love.

The Murray Crew said...

Man, is there much better than holding your sleeping child? I'm SO glad you sent this! Glad we found each other's blogs! =)

dcrmom said...

SUCH a precious picture.

Rebecca said...

Very sweet. :)

Amy Jo said...

Great photo...cropping was a good idea to really bring the two of you in focus. I simply adore it when my baby girl falls asleep in my arms. It doesn't happen often, but it's the greatest feeling in the world.