Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Brand New Baby!

My really good friend, Jamie, and I were supposed to have lunch together on Wednesday, but for some crazy reason she canceled on me. Well, I suppose that having a baby is a really great excuse! And an even better excuse for me to get to take pictures!!! That's right, I was honored to be taking pictures for Jamie for the birth of her baby. Care to guess the name of this beautiful little child? Olivia Anne! I hope that she and Liv will grow up together & be great friends.

Another thing I'm very lucky on is (something I meant to blog about but haven't found the time yet...) I just picked up my camera from Monday all fixed and perfect. They replaced the image sensor in it, so the discoloration and spots have completely disappeared.

Anyway, thought I would share just a few of my absolute favorites from this very special day...

Before little Olivia was born - her Mommy & Daddy sharing a sweet moment.

Simply beautiful - brings tears to my eyes

Welcome to the world little Olivia!!

Ten tiny fingers, and ten perfect toes...

Being a baby is just exhausting!

There's one more really good pic just below on the last post. It's the one I did up for them to use for the announcement. I'm a huge fan of black & white, so it's just the 3rd pic shown here done up in that... With a little pink!

So this is the main reason I've been even more busy than normal the last couple of days! I spent about 4 hours there yesterday and close to 3 hours there today taking pics and spending time with Jamie & her fam. I've known Jamie literally my whole life, and my Mom & her Mom have been best friends long before we were even a thought! I really do hope that our daughters will grow to love each other just as we have.

Photographing Olivia's birth brought back SOOO many memories - I was just there in that exact same place less than a year ago with Livia! In a way it seems like just yesterday... In other ways it feels so very long ago. Was Livia ever really that small??! Actually smaller - Liv was born at 6lb 8oz; Olivia weighed in at 8lb 11oz! Jamie really was all belly. We had NO CLUE Olivia would be that big!

So, we're eventually going to have to come up with nicknames for the girls when they're together. Jamie's Mom (Anne) came up with 'O' and 'No O' - whadaya think? I love it! I even want to get them shirts with something funny like that on them when they're just a bit older.

OK, I must must MUST get going to bed... I edited about 100 of the pics, and I'm still not even halfway done (YIKES!) But it's a good start, and I need to get some sleep. Yes, I changed the time on this thing to say when I SHOULD have posted this entry. In actuality, I'm embarrassed to even say what time it is. So much love to you all, and God Bless

*OK one more quick thing - Kayla is doing MUCH better! It's been a little bit rocky this week for her, but with the latest treatments she's gotten it sounds like she's improved in leaps and bounds. Thank you all SO very much for your continued prayers for her. And for my other friend as well. Things are starting to look up for her too!


E and T said...

What an honour to be there to photograph the birth of your dear friend's baby.

Welcome to the world Olivia. She is absolutely gorgeous.

Amanda, your photos are just beautiful.

PinksandBluesGirls said...

OK. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks. The photos were beautiful. Thanks for sharing these! My husband is now looking at me like I have 10 heads and is wondering what I'm looking at in the blog world! :)
By the way... Olivia is ADORABLE!!!

Stephanie said...

Olivia Anne - what a beautiful name. I love that combination.