Monday, October 5, 2009

Wonderful Weather, Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend was just super! I had two fabulous work-free days to spend with those that I love the most.

Saturday it was just me, Perry & Liv all day! I actually slept in, so Perry & Livia had some time just the two of them in the morning. We were all 3 together for the most of the day-time, but Perry had just a couple of work things to take care of later in the afternoon. So I took Livie down to the park!

One thing I noticed on the way there was that the Old National Fountain was shut off... As if the last week hadn't already proved it, summer is officially, completely over. I still can't get over how quickly the season changed! Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year, and I used to dread the coming of autumn. Thanks to my husband, I'm really starting to love fall  :o)

It was so beautiful outside that I was hoping to get a few great pictures of our little girl...

She really didn't care for her Mommy trying to pose her though! Can you believe it?? That little Livie-Bug just wanted to play --

 Here she is on a mad dash into the park
Ready to...

 And Slide!
 She was happy as a clam just playin' away.

She ran over to the picnic tables after a while...

And proceeded to show me letters that she knew!
T, K, A, and L were the ones she showed me  :o)

Well, after lots of fun at the park, we loaded back into the car. Liv's little nose was pink from the quickly chilling air, but she was quick to let me know that she was not ready to go back home yet. Livia wanted to see the river! Though she refused to put her coat back on...
Livia loves the river -- I think she feels big sitting on the 'balls'

I parked right down by the riverfront and took her for a little walk
Liv always waves to the barges as they go by...

And this time she gave her Mommy a little wave too!

After our outdoor adventure, we went back home to find that Perry was all done with his work, showered & enjoying coffee. We decided that going out to eat together would be the perfect end to a great day, so it was off to Shylers -- Yum-O! (The best Bar-B-Q in Evansville)


Elise said...

Hi Amanda

Livia sure had heaps of fun in the park. All of our photos are action photos too. I have to catch Savvy and Blakie at the right moment (and it's always fleeting) to get a posed photo! Action photos tell such a beauty full story though and you can see just how happy Livia is in these pics - her personality shines through.

dani said...

what a lovely day, amanda!!! there is nothing sweeter than watching a child enjoy life; and that was exactly what livia was doing:))) it's awesome that you were able to capture that essence...
i hope you will have a great week (enjoying your day off tomorrow;)!!!
much love,
dani xxx