Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jenny's Wedding (4)

I've been quite selfish in posting pictures mostly of my own little family, and many other details of Jenny's Wedding have gone unseen. So as follows are some of the other fun photos of the night:

The groomsmen on the 1st floor before the grand entrance.

The bridesmaids & groomsmen then heading upstairs...
To join Jenny & Brian's family and friends at the reception.

(Perry's Aunt Carol holding Zane)

We went into the Grand Ballroom & after the wedding party made their grand entrance, I managed to get some really cute pictures of Jenny's brother, Jeremy, and his family:
Jeremy & his little flower girl, Ava.

The whole family
(Though Ava had no desire to look at the camera!)

Jeremy has such a beautiful wife & wonderful children!

And here's one of Andrew a little later in the evening

The night was filled with so many beautiful people & moments... Without too many words, I'll just share many of those I was able to capture:

The entrance to the Ballroom


Perry's Aunt Debbie (the Mother of the Bride) visiting our table

 The Bride & Father's Dance

And the Groom & Mother's Dance

Having a wonderful time during the reception:




The Bride & Groom with the Grandmothers:



And with my Mother- & Father-in-Law:

The Beautiful Bride

Getting ready for the flower-toss

And friends & family having a wonderful time

To present these are all the photos I've edited from Jenny's lovely wedding. Perhaps I'll find even more to edit and share, but for now I'm so very happy with those that I have. And I'll be eternally grateful for all the great memories I'll always have from this amazing night!

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dani said...

what a gorgeous bride, a beautiful wedding, and priceless photos:)

d xxx