Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ordinary Miracles

As I was looking though the photos of the day, that song seemed to play in the background of my mind. I realized that much of what we did today is done almost every Sunday; just another ordinary Sunday. Yet it's somewhat of a miracle -- we leave our craziness in the city for just a bit, and go to another world. Our little world out in the country with my Mom & Dad. And on this day, the triplets as well!

All outside on this beautiful, brisk fall day

Livia just loves the swing...
Though she's not actually swinging in this pic

So Meggie gave her cousin some much needed help!
What are friends for, right?

We all had bunches of fun on this lovely Sunday.

Picking up nutes...

My Mom and Jay

And riding the tractor:

 My Dad and Sam

Then Jay got a turn to ride:

With Sam right beside him

Livia was riding her Dora bike...
when she caught sight of the tractor. It just looked so fun!

So she made her way toward the boys...

And of course they let her have a turn to try to ride!

Shd didn't go far, but she just loved being on the tractor.

And no Sunday would be complete without a trip to the farm. We usually walk over there, but it was so chilly outside that we decided to drive instead. Meg objected at first, but then we reminded her that she would have to walk the whole way over to the farm. I usually give her a piggy-back ride, and Liv gets a ride with my Mom or Dad. But my knee was absolutely killing me today. (That's what I get for doing photos in heels yesterday! I guess 5 hours was just too much...)

So here was the back seat of the truck:

My Mom and all 4 kids!

Almost as soon as we all got out, I was freezing. So I really didn't get many pictures out at the farm... But it's the memories that really matter, right? And I'll always remember this day...

The Triplets turned 5 yesterday, and I realized just a short while ago that it would be at this time that Liv would be almost exactly half their age. 2 and a half years apart in age... Each year that age difference will seem less and less significant. I'm 4 years older than my sister, but now that we're all grown up, the age difference doesn't matter at all. All that truly matters is that we love each other.

I'm sorry that I missed their Birthday Party yesterday, but it sounds like they had a wonderful time. I did go to their party last year, and I got lots of great photos! I think I'm going to have to feature their 4th birthday on Flashback Friday this week... Anyway, I'm pretty sure I won't have a wedding to attend next year! So, even though it's a tiny bit belated, HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY MEG, JAY AND SAM!


Just a really quick knee update:  My joints themselves look great, but they are also very loosey-goosey. In fact, all my joints are pretty loose. Without properly training my body to move, they were bound to only get worse, so I'm very glad that I finally went to the doctor...

I've been going to therapy for several weeks now, and I'm really starting to see major improvements in everyday life. I've been doing all the different therapy techniques, I have wonderful knee braces for walking, and I'm learning what they can and cannot handle. I've learned that on walks to the farm, I MUST wear my braces (especially if someone gets a ride). Obviously, last night I learned that they really can't do 5 hours in heels!

Eventually I will be able to run again... It may take a while, but thanks to therapy I'm taking the time to really get it right. Wish me luck along the way!

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Amanda said...

Don't you just love getting out and about with the family on a lovely Autumn sunny day?

I'm glad your knee is improving. My knees are just fine ~ but even i couldn't wear high heels for 1 hour never mind 5 lol!!

Amanda x