Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

Hello Everyone and Happy October!!! It is officially fall here in southern Indiana -- it honestly felt like the season changed overnight. Or at least over the weekend. We went to Ohio and it felt like summer; the day we came back, it looked, felt, & even smelled like fall.

So this month has a lot of excitement in store for us:  as follows will be what we already have going on for this wonderful fall month.

Next week is one of the largest street festivals in the United States -- right here in Evansville! Every year in the first full week of October, the West Side Nut Club puts on the Fall Festival. It draws in hundreds of thousands every year, with rides, games, and food booths galore! There's something fun for just about everyone -- and our little family will certainly be going  :o)

The following Monday (the 12th) is Columbus Day. A day that I never even thought twice about until I began working as a temp at a bank. The bank will be closed that day, so unless volume is just absolutely ridiculous, I'll have the day off as well!

At some point this month, we'll be doing some family photos (fingers crossed!). Fall is such a beautiful season, and my husband is really looking forward to going out to the country and getting some great family photos. We'll be using a couple of different outfits, and he's super excited about one... Can't wait to take & show off those photos.

The 17th of this month will be a very big day -- my Gramma Pat & the triplets will all be celebrating a birthday, and one of my very best friends from college will be celebrating her marriage! Kellee actually got married earlier last month on their honeymoon, and they're having a reception here in Evansville. I'll be taking pictures for her before and at their reception... Kellee's going to be in her wedding dress again, and hopefully she'll get all the wonderful bridal pictures she's ever dreamed of. Please say a little prayer for me that I'll do a good job!

Then the following weekend will be SUPER fun. Every month my husband & I do date night, and we've decided that we're going to make it really special. We're going to go somewhere and do something that we've never done together -- we'll be going up to French Lick IN to go on a Train Ride and see West Baden Hotel. We'll stay the night, but I'm not sure where yet. (Perry will take care of that) I've already taken care of purchasing the train tickets, and we're actually going on a ride that will feature a staged robbery. How fun!

Finally, the last weekend of the month will feature Halloween fun! I'm still not sure what Livia will be wearing, but I'm very excited all the same.

So that's our October in pre-view! Hope everyone is doing well, and I can't wait see what you all have in store for this month. Take care and God Bless!


Elise said...

Hi Amanda

What a fun filled month - so much to look forward, lots of celebrations and quality family time.

Sounds like you have chosen a perfect time of year to capture some family photos.

Your date night sounds like it will certainly be a memorable one and i can't wait to hear about it.

dani said...

wow, you have a busy month, amanda!!! it sounds like the fall festival was a washout last week:( i hope you were able to enjoy it.

your date night sounds like so much fun. when i read that there would be a staged robbery, i had a flashback of the brady bunch... bobby's dream about jesse james, ha!!!

much love,
dani xxx