Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making Time...

Sometimes I get so busy that it's all I can do to squeeze as much as I can into my waking hours -- working, cooking & cleaning, then there's more important things like making time for my family and God, and lately I've even had to make time to sleep! With all the October-activities we already had planned, pile on top of that mandatory overtime at work. Even though I'm a lowly temp, we're all expected to work the required extra hours. That's the way it goes sometimes, right? Well, right now I'm finally making some time to remind myself my I work so hard...  My Livie-Bug!!!!

Some that I never got around to posting a couple of weeks ago of Liv at the farm:

Oh the farm just makes her SO happy!!!

All afternoon there, Livie wanted to see a picture of her Uncle Von. She absolutely adores him (and her Uncle Don) more than they'll ever know. At her young 2 years of age, she knows full well that Uncle Don feeds the cows, and Uncle Von milks the cows. She gets to see her Uncle Don a bit more just because the milk-house is so noisy, and I think she was just really missing Uncle Von on this day.

As soon as he came out from the milk-house, she ran up to him & chattered, "My wanna pict-shur of you!" The triplets' dad grinned, knowing full well what it's like having someone always wanting pictures! But I guess he just couldn't tell Liv 'no' -- He scooped her up (while she was still chattering away about wanting a picture of him) and I got Livie's photo that she wanted so badly:

It's always SO beautiful out at the farm and in the country -- what could possibly be more beautiful than this?

Liv against a gorgeous sunset


Last week was the annual Fall Festival that I've been very much looking forward to (well, at least looking forward to all the yummy food!)

And even though the Fall Fest was rainy several days, our little family managed to get out there on a very nice afternoon. The first thing we did was seek out our personal picks for food. There were well over a hundred booths to pick from, and the organizations were just as varied. I wanted some sweet corn from my Alma Mater (USI) and it was GREAT! Not quite as good as Mom & Dad's, but this time of the year, I was happy to get what I could.

We even gave Livia one of her own:

At first, I don't think she knew what to really do with it -- it was so big that she had a hard time handling it. She certainly liked the taste though!

(Psst -- don't click on this picture to blow it up big unless you want to see the little corn bits all over her face!)

I decided to step in and help out my daughter. Never mind the fact that this gave us the perfect opportunity for some really cute photos, it also gave me an excuse to eat some more yummy corn!

We loved that corn!

We had several other snacks, like corn dogs, lemon shake-ups, a texas tenderloin, and more. Finally, after we had stuffed ourselves silly, we wanted to take Livia to the game area. Though it was so incredibly crowded that we could barely make our way through! We did squeeze our way to the one game I knew Liv would love:  Pick a Duck

And she sure picked a winner!

With her choice of prizes, this was what she chose:

A pink bumpy-ball!

My husband sure got some awesome photos  :o)  Especially for as short a time we were there. Right after the game, we made our way through the even more crowded Fall Festival area, and finally back out to our car.

As soon as we got back home, Livia got a MUCH needed bath and shortly thereafter into bed. She was so sleepy & sweet, and she just kept talking about her ball (she was so proud of her prize!) She actually wanted to go to bed with it, but we promised her that it would be right there in her room waiting for her as soon as she woke up the next morning. I hope she had wonderful dreams that night about our wonderful little fall adventure.

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