Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 And a Half...

Today I realized that Livia is officially 2 & a half... I can't believe it was only 6 months ago that she was turning two! The time just goes by so fast...

With happy memories of Liv's 2nd Birthday, I decided to do an extra flashback to that wonderful day:

My Birthday Princess

We were so blessed to have friends & family there to attend Livia's Party. We decided to have it at Logans Roadhouse, mostly because they have good food at a very decent price. It was also a nice centralized location, so no one had to drive a great distance.

I got lots of wonderful pictures of Livia, and her guests. There were loads of photos, but I've picked out some of my favorites:

Here's Livia with her cousins:  Maggie, Nolan, & Garrett

I think this is actually one of the last times we saw them... Gosh, I miss those kids  :o(  Life just gets too busy sometimes, but I'm hoping I'll be able to get Liv over to see them for Halloween.
Livia & Maggie ~ Sweetest Friends

I also got some great pictures of the boys:
Nolan is so handsome, and he has such a great personality!

And Garrett - how cute it he?!

Livia just loves Garrett!
And of course I do too.
I can SO see his Daddy in him!

Speaking of, I even got one of Matt & Kendra:
They are such a beautiful couple  :o)

I also got one of Perry taking Liv over to her Papa Bill

 Livia just loves her Papa Bill

And she loves her Papaw too:

 My Dad had Livia a good portion of the evening

Though I did manage to get one of Livie & her Nana:

My Mom holding Liv with her best friend, Anne.

And finally, one of Liv with her Great-Gramma Pat:

She's actually wearing the shirt Gramma gave her!

More pictures I got of Livia with friends and family:

Shannon getting a kick outa Liv's singing

And Liv with her Uncle Michael & Aunt Laura

Michael was such a ham at the party! Case in point:

Yup, that's the man my sister married!

I still say they're a cute couple  :o)

 Our cousin Dakota was there too -- I love him to pieces.

So, back to Liv and her Party:

The very fun part came when her personal B-day cake came out:

She was so intrigued with that little cake!

She even did a good job blowing out the candles (no pics tho)

 And she loved the taste!

What proceeded to follow was reminiscent of her 1st Birthday:

Oh she was a mess!
But she also had a fabulous time, as any 2-year-old should!

Apart from one minor melt-down while opening presents, she was such a happy Birthday Girl. She kinda lost it when her Mommy didn't want her trying on all her new clothes. She seemed almost more excited about the clothes than the toys! Oh, what a girl she truly is!

Just a couple of pics of Livia all-smiles

I was blessed with so many wonderful memories of this day. One memory is somewhat bittersweet though... The last picture I'll ever have of my daughter with her Great-Aunt Melanie (and my Dad):

You probably wouldn't know from this picture, but dear Melanie was in the midst of battling Stage IV Lung Cancer... She was diagnosed towards the later part of last year, and at first we were all really hopeful since she was doing so well. My Aunt welcomed her second grandchild just a month after Liv's Birthday, and I know that Baby Jayla really helped to keep Melanie fighting.

Just less than 2 months ago, my Aunt Melanie lost her battle with cancer, and went Home. How I've prayed for my cousins & Jim (her husband)... I can't imagine loosing my own Mother at such a young age (47). But I also wouldn't wish for her one day more upon this earth. She was in so much pain... And now she's in in a place with "no more sorrows, no more pain". (I Will Rise - Chris Tomlin).

I still get tears in my eyes every time I hear that song. And I love the Spirit in which it was written. Chris has explained the inspiration behind that beautiful song, and here's just a small exert:

"Toward the end of the 'How Great is our God Tour,' Louie [Giglio] challenged me to write a song of worship for people in their hardest time of grief. We were talking about the reality that we need more songs like the hymn 'It is Well' that can be sung as worship and hope at a funeral; to be able to find words to say and sing in that moment of sorrow when you lose someone you love..."

Praise God for songs like that! To God be the Glory, for it is through Him that ALL things are done! Amen.


Amanda said...

Great memories ~ and yes, time flies by way too fast!!!
How is Kendra? I really miss her blog. Pass my best wishes onto her.

Amanda x

Lucy said...

Happy 2 1/2 birthday to your darling Livia. She is certainly a beautiful princess and looks all grown up too. It looks like fun was had by all at her 2nd birthday. It is so great how little ones can bring such a large family gathering together in love and celebration.
Love and hugs.