Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Halloween 2007 (My Lil' Pumpkin)

After doing my last Flashback on last year's Halloween, I wanted to go ahead and look back upon Livia's very first Halloween...

My Mom picked up the cutest little pumpkin costume for her, and a few weeks before the big day, we decided to do a photo shoot with her:

We used my parents garden for the back ground, and I still cannot believe how cute the pictures turned out!

 Henry the black cat even joined in the fun -- now, we couldn't have planned a more fitting prop!

Liv was still pretty little at this time... Not even 6 months old. So it was no surprise that she was getting pretty tired after several hundred photographs.

And her sleepiness led to some really sweet pictures (like the one above)

It's sometimes hard to even remember her being this small! Yet other times, I can't help but still look at her as my little baby. I guess she always will be my baby in many ways (right, moms???) The first is always special...

And her 1st Halloween was just as special as she is!

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dani said...

precious!!! i love, Love, LOVE the last photo... how sweet was your sleepy, little punkin'!!?!?
much love,
dani xxx