Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday ~ Aunt Bay's Visit

In late March of this year, my husband's Aunt Beverly (who we all lovingly call Aunt Bay) came down for a visit. Beverly is Trilby's sister, and she came all the way from Mississippi to visit! I tried SO hard to get a photo of Liv & all her cousins with Aunt bay.

The first few shots I got didn't have Garrett in them, and Nolan was really the only one looking at the camera...

 Still a really cute picture though!

Garrett finally came into the scene, but not without his Momma. Poor K~! She was trying so hard to stay out of the photo, but Garrett wouldn't let her leave his side.
 Now Liv & Nolan are not the least bit interested in the camera.

So then I tried to get one with Trilby as well...
And this was probably the best picture I got all evening!

My, how Liv has grown since then! It all goes by but in the blink of an eye...


OK, so there's a little bit of an underlying motive for choosing this particular flashback... Beverly & Danny became grandparents once again today! They have 2 children, Brian & Blair, and today Blair had her very first baby. They welcomed into the world a little boy they named Aiden Joseph (8lb 1oz, 21 1/4", healthy & beautiful). Aiden arrived on his grandpa Danny's birthday -- who could ask for a better present, right!

May God bless Blair and Adam as they begin this new & incredible journey with Aiden. My happy thoughts & prayers are with them; I pray that all continues to go well!

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