Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kellee & Marcus' Wedding/Reception (Just a Glimpse)

This was such a wonderful evening & night! My best friend from college celebrated her marriage to her long-time love. Kellee & Marcus were actually married down in Antigua, and today was their ceremony & reception here in town. They used the Old Courthouse Building downtown, and I honestly never knew how beautiful it is inside until today.

I took hundreds & hundreds of photos, but I've already picked out just a few that really caught my eye:


Don't they make such a beautiful couple?

And one last picture of Kellee:
It was way too cold to take pictures outside, but we were blessed with lots of windows & open areas to let in the the glowing afternoon sun into the Old Courthouse. The whole day was just beautiful! This was a real gift since we just had an entire week of rainy, dreary weather. No sunshine at all.

I thank God for this amazing day, and I pray that God blesses Kellee and Marcus as they officially begin their lives together as husband and wife!

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