Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Picture Day

Today was picture day at Day Care, and this was Livia's very first School Photo! I was so excited... This is after spending days pondering what cute little outfit I'd put her in, and after talking with her over and over about how we smile for the photographer. I was so excited that it almost felt like it was my first picture day!

So this morning I dressed her in the cutest little polka-dot outfit, french braided her hair (and BEGGED her not to take it out),  and reminded her once again to smile nicely for the camera. By the time we had to leave, I had no time for morning pictures. I just had to hope against all odds that Liv would do well for her 1st School Picture.

Perry picked Livie up very early this afternoon; he had a very early morning meeting, and he was missing her like crazy! He took her to the park, and then to McDonalds -- gee, I wonder why Daddy always seems to be the favorite?!?

So by the time I finally got home, I thought there was no way Livia would be in any condition for pictures... I was pleasantly surprised that Liv still looked very nice! Her hair was still braided, her outfit wasn't even dirty, and she was still excited about the pictures today. So even though it was getting dark outside, I just couldn't resist:

She's chattering away in this photo, but I still love it!

Is it bad that she looked just as cute from the back?!

And one on our front steps just before we went back inside.

I cannot wait to see how the school pics turned out! Perry said that her teachers all told him that without a doubt she would have one of the cutest pictures.

On a side note, our office is absolutely insane with its temperature! In the middle of summer it feels like 60º, whereas now (when it really is 60º or less out there) it feels like 85º! Sooo, I guess I need to put on a summer shirt under my sweaters for the rest of the winter. What a hoot!

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Amanda said...

Liv's hair is beautiful (and so is Liv!)
I hope you will be able to show us the school picture when you get it!
Amanda x