Sunday, February 7, 2010


Today was a very busy, but wonderful day! One of the best parts of today was that Liv & I got to meet the newest member of the family -- Zander!!! My sister & her husband just got a brand new German Shepherd puppy just days ago.

As soon as we got to Laura & Michael's, Laura Belle took her neice by the hand and led her downstairs...

To meet...

He's such a cute, fun little puppy!
My sister having a blast with him.
A close-up of the cute little guy
Such a great pic of my sis & Zander!

I hope Laura & Michael hold Zander as much as they can right now -- he's gonna grow SO fast! Being a German Shepherd, who knows how big he'll someday be  :o)
Livie giving lots of hugs & snuggles to Zander.
She even got a kiss or 2 from him!
They loved playing together...
And having someone close to their own size
And for the most part Liv loved Zander's puppy-love!
Then I finally got to hold Zander!
I can still smell his sweet puppy-smell  :o)

Hopefully, more to come about our fun day today... I have tons more cute photos (some already edited!) and a couple more fun stories as well.

Side Super-Bowl note (and this is all I will say of it):  I am so incredibly disappointed in the Colts. I thought the game would be pretty tight... And it pretty much was until the 4th quarter. In the end, the scores weren't even close! Oh, well. I'm quite content to root for a team that makes it to the play-offs like EVERY year. Anyway, there's always next year for the big game! 

One reason I really do love the Colts (not just because my home-state is Indiana) is because Peyton Manning is a stand-up individualm both professionally & in his personal life; he works very hard & has been married for nearly a decade.

On the bright side, it's getting closer & closer to baseball season!!! Oh, this is REALLY going to be a fun year! I've been a bit of a Cardinals fan since my youth (mostly because my Daddy's a fan)... and my husband has been a DIE-HARD Reds fan his whole life. Since we're now living within minutes of Busch Stadium, my husband may have a really rough season!!!

Anyway, we had a blast in Evansville this weekend. More to come later -- it's back to St. Louis tomorrow!!!

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