Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Stallings

Livia has a habit of stalling every night before bedtime. Some of her favorites are:

"I hafta go potty!" ... minutes after she had just gone.

"I need my [Elmo/Cookie Monster/Big Bird/Baby]!" Insert the one thing that she doesn't already have in her bed.

"I'm tursty!" ...which has earned her a sippy of water to take to bed many a time.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that tonight was any different. Actually, I should probably be grateful it wasn't worse...! We're here at my Mom & Dad's spending the night, and Liv did just about every stalling tactic possible including:

"I need-da feed my bay-bee!"

In the end, Liv's Nana actually had to lay down with her to get her to go to sleep! Hopefully she stays asleep -- that little stinker!

But, boy do I love her :o)

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