Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Blessed Day [Today]

This morning, I woke up in our house in Indiana. All alone...

But within minutes, I was on the phone grinning from ear to ear. I great it was to the sound of my sweet husband's voice! And to know that I'd be seeing him in mere hours :o)

I got up and scurried about the messy house, trying to gather up odds & ends. I made but only a dent in what's yet to be done!

I gave up after an hour and resigned myself to the shower. Oh, how I needed it! I should have gotten one last night after driving for several hours... But I just didn't have the desire. I would have felt refreshed, happy & clean; I probably would have slept better too. But my shower this morning did just that as well.

I met up with my soul-mate, his parents, & our daughter for a Saturday mid-morning brunch... And though after much ado, we had a very tasty meal!

Livia chattered about her Grandma Trilby & Papa Bill nearly the rest of the day (she sure loved spending the night over there last night!)

Liv asked to see the camera-phone pictures of herself & Sugar (Bill & Trilby's big, white German Shepard) and squealed with delight each time she saw them. God Bless my little toddler for reminding me that it's not the quality of the photograph, but the quality of what's IN the photograph that matters most!

Liv & Sugar 02/06/10

My sister talked me into getting some very cute, stylish clothes before our move to St. Louis, and my husband loved them so much that he offered to take me shopping for more today.

[Marking this one down in the record book!]

He did his best to entertain our tired little daughter while I found a few cute sweater-dresses to our liking. After our purchase, I thought aloud it would be best to head back to the house for nap-time. (Much to my husband's relief!)

And within minutes of arriving back to our Evansville house, it was certainly nap-time. For all of us!

After we'd all woken up, it was snack-time. Livia was extra-cuddly with me, and it felt fabulous!

Then we packed Liv up to go over to her Nana & Papaw's... While watching a good part of Madagascar II (LOVED it!!!!!)

We finally all headed out to my Mom & Dad's. Livia barely even noticed that Perry & I stayed and visited for a while! Her attention was 100% on Papaw/Nana. She just loves her grandparents :o)

And then, our evening turned into a mini-date night for me & my husband. Perry insisted that he buy me some cute boots to match the sweater-dresses we'd bought earlier in the day. How on earth could I object to that?!

Then we ordered a pizza, made a quick stop for soda pop, & headed home for pizza and a show.

Such wonderful husband & wife time we had tonight! Rest assured, all spouses need time together like the time that we were blessed with today. It's nights like this that make me live for tomorrows!

And now, though quite past my bedtime, I feel rested & happy. Even more so in just a few minutes; I will soon sleep peacefully next to the love of my life.

Tomorrow is but another day, and though I know it will be very special day as well with the Super Bowl & all... It surely won't hold a candle to today!!

Blessed is this day... For though it was mine, it was first the Lord's. Thank you, dear God, for this glorious day!

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