Thursday, February 18, 2010

Leapin' Livie!!!

Today, Liv and I were finally able to make it out to a mall here in St. Louis. Needless to say, I had tons of fun shopping! Amazingly, Livia also had some fun while we were there...

Just inside the main mall area from the Macy's entrance, I saw a crazy trampoline / bungee contraption. My first thought was, "Whoa! That looks fun!" And my daughter must be a lot like me, because she said, "I wanna do dat, Mommy!"

There was a little boy already on one (he looked to be about 4) and he was just standing there frozen on the trampoline thing clinging to his Mom. The 'Mom' in me wanted to immediately take my daughter far away from the huge waste of money...

But the little kid in me said, "Wait! That's definitely something you would've loved to do... You should let Livie try it! For once, just throw common sense out the window & let your daughter give it a whirl."

Today is one of those days that I'm glad the little kid inside me is still alive & well!

Livia immediately went to the young man working there to get strapped in...

He told her how to hold on to the bungee cord

And Liv was ready to jump.

Though I had doubts of how well she would do, I enthusiastically cheered her on. I said, "Jump, Livia! Jump! You can do it, sweetie!" And boy did she ever...!

(Please excuse the side-ways-ness & poor quality of the camera-phone videos below)

I still can't believe how high that little girl was going! She actually gathered a small crowd -- I think everyone was amazed at how high such a little girl was jumping. They asked how old she was, if she'd ever done it before, and I'm sure they were wondering if Liv is afraid of anything!

Our daughter is absolutely fearless!

I'm glad I was able to capture a few memories. Even if Liv doesn't remember this day long-term, I definitely will. My one regret is that I didn't have my good camera on me (it was actually in the car). I certainly won't regret spending the money on giving our daughter the chance to fly!

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