Monday, February 22, 2010

Old, New, & Overdue!

I haven't had very many pictures with my daughter lately, especially here in Indiana. I was severely overdue for some new ones. Side note, I'm also quite overdue for some hair-help! Luckily, I'll get that taken care of tomorrow (yay, Katie!) And my Mom was able to help me out with some new pictures yesterday afternoon:

Me & my Livie-Bug outside Mom & Dad's

The best shot we got with Liv looking towards the camera...

We couldn't really get Liv to look directly at the camera, and certainly not with a smile. I think it was just too bright outside for her. Her and those sensitive, blue eyes... Just like her Momma. How many countless squinty-eyed or no-eyed photos were taken of me over the years?! Oh, but I truly do love Livia's beautiful, blue eyes! Gosh, her eyes are just gorgeous...

With the dress she was wearing, they almost looked teal-blue. That dress was once worn by Liv's Aunt Laura and even by her Momma. I feel so blessed that my Mom saved it over all these years! She also saved the big white bow in Livia's hair. How awesome is my Mom?!

I so love the pics of us looking at each other

My Mom also snapped a few really good photographs of just me:
Love this pic... Just wish my hair wasn't two-toned!

Turning it black & white would help some... But hair aside, it really is a super pic! My Mom is turning into quite the photographer! It's so awesome so get a good picture of yourself; since I'm usually behind the lens, that rarely happens.

I usually do the whole the whole hold-the-camera-in-front-of-me-backwards-and-hope-for-a-decent-shot thing. (Like the one above) So I guess the only reason I like the one above at all is because I can't see [as badly] how much I need that hair appointment tomorrow!
So glad I can laugh at myself   :oD

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