Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowed In

[edited at add just a few more photos]

Well, my plan of heading back to St. Louis today was severely compromised by the several inches of snow Southern Indiana recieved yesterday!

The view from the front of my parents' house

And from the side
Sure is pretty, huh?

We obviously haven't even left the middle-of-no where, much to Livia's delight (and of course one of my absolute favorite places as well!)

In St. Louis, I see Cardinals everywhere... Not like this though!

Blue Jays & Finches

Finches - both brown & yellow!

A Blue Jay (& Woodpecker in back)

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay & Woodpecker in flight

Blue Jay & Woodpecker

Cardinals, Finches & a Woodpecker

Cardinals, Finches, & a Blue Jay

A male Cardinal, Blue Jay, & a female Cardinal

Cardinals & Blue Jays

Even though I'm having a blast & getting some fabulous pictures, I'm definitely ready to see my hubby again...

Luckily, I have a very loving & understanding husband who has no problem with me staying an extra day. We'd much rather be on the safe side when traveling.

The one down-side to being here today was that my mom & dad still went to work (such troopers!)... So Liv & I were here alone.

The second her Nana & Papaw came back in the door, Liv squealed with delight! And immediately ran to my mom to ask:

"Please wanna bo farm?!"

She was happy to comply, and I said that sounds like a great idea. I asked Liv if she wanted me to come along. Her response was an immediate & firm "NO!"

"Mommy, you hafta stay here. Just me 'n' Nana bo farm!"

I said, "You don't want me to come along, Livie?"

She said, "NO! You stay here!"

Something tells me that my little toddler has seen enough of her Mommy today!

Livia ~ all ready to go to the farm

P.S.  My dad is out there shoveling the drive way right now, in hopes that I'll be able to head out tomorrow. He said the SUV was dragging on the way in & there's no way I'd be able to make it out all on my own without some help. And my mom & Liv are now back from the farm and are making home-made noodles... Yum-O!!!Gosh, I love my parents!!!

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