Monday, February 8, 2010

Fur-Fur & Yo-Yo

This is just a really funny story!

Several months ago, Livia began saying "Here, Fur-Fur!" This was always said to me, & never to anyone else. It was cute, but no one had any clue what it meant.

Within the last week or so, Liv also started saying "Hey Yo-Yo!" Except she only said this to Perry...

My husband actually solved the mystery a few days ago.

He confronted Liv, and asked her directly: "Livia, what does "Fur-Fur" mean?

She was SO shy about telling him. But after a lot of coaxing, she finally told her daddy: "It means Mommy"

So then we asked her what "Yo-Yo" means, and we weren't at all surprised when she told us: "It means Daddy"

The mystery has finally been solved!!!

"Here, Fur-Fur!"
Translation: "Here, Mommy!"

"Hey, Yo-Yo!"
Translation: "Hey, Daddy!"

Glad we figured that out :o)

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