Thursday, November 26, 2009

Why I'm Thankful

In a word... Livia!

Though I'm certainly very thankful for many things, this little princess is tops on my list! I am more thankful for her every single day. This Thanksgiving, we'll be spending the day exactly where Livia is in these pictures:  Out at her Nana & Papaw's. We're looking forward to a wonderful day of family-time and loads of food!

When I was looking at these photos of Livia, I realized I have so much to be thankful for...

I'm thankful that she's my child...
That Livia is such a happy & healthy little girl...
That she has been blessed with such a wonderful, loving family...
And most importantly...
That Liv's growing to know God more every day.

I have countless things to be thankful for!

As Livia begins to understand more & more, I'm certainly looking forward to teaching her about Thanksgiving -- why we celebrate it now, but even more importantly why it was first celebrated.

I hope to teach Liv that though Thanksgiving is a day that everyone gives thanks, we should continue to do so every day. And as this Holiday Season has truly begun, may we remember to count our blessings every day!


**On a side note, the cute little dress that Livia is wearing was once my dress. God Bless my sweet Momma for keeping it this whole time! It feels like I'm looking back in time at my future  :o)


Tabitha said...

She is such a beautiful little girl and so very sweet!
I love that she is wearing your dress and she looks so lovely in it.
Children are definitly a blessing!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

dani said...

livia looks just precious in your dress, amanda!!! she is certainly the greatest earthly reason for you to be thankful. God is so good to us mothers:)
much love,
dani xxx

Michelle said...

such a sweet post!!

Lucy said...

Little Livia looks just gorgeous and I agree with you, she is a beautiful blessing to your whole family.P.S. The dress is just beautiful.