Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Pics (Outfit 2)

Livie-Bug the Lady-Bug!

This was the outfit Livia actually wore on Halloween to go Visit-Treating. We are so blessed to have so many family and friends close-by, that it would be silly if not selfish to just take Liv door-to-door to do the typical trick-or-treating. And it's not like she didn't get plenty of candy from all our visits!

So our first visit was to her Uncle Michael. He had to work on Halloween, but I like to think that we made the day a little bit fun for him  :o)
And Livia LOVED the Fire Trucks!
She's so lucky to have her Uncle Michael!
Livia got to be in...
And on the Fire Truck!

So then it was on to see...
Aunt Laura!
Liv and I both received treats from my sweet sister. Livia got candy & Laura's homemade pumpkin bread, and I got the jewelry I ordered from her just over a week before! Laura is now an official Premier Jewelry dealer, and I attended her first party was the previous Thursday. I just love the pieces I bought!

Our next stop took us to Anne & Jack Powless' house. We saw not only Anne & Jack... but Heather, Terry, Lexi, & Zane... and Warren, Jamie, Olivia, & Lincoln!
 Lexi, Olivia, Zane, & Lincoln

If it's not cool enough that Livie & Olivia share a very similar name, they also shared a cute little lady-bug theme for Halloween this year! (Note:  Jamie and I did NOT plan this! What can I say? Great minds think alike in so many ways!) We've dubbed the girls "O" (for Olivia) and "No O" (for Livia) when they're around each other. Luckily, the similarity of their names hasn't seemed to confuse them thus far.

Pictured above: Liv, Olivia, & Lincoln
Below: O- and No O- sharing a sweet kiss

And Liv decided that Lincoln shouldn't be left out

Then it was off to Livia's Grandma Trilby & Papa Bill's
Livia just loves her grandparents -- and Sugar
Livia keeps not only friends & family in her nighttime prayers, but animals as well. This particular moment, Sugar was outside due to all the excitement in the room! Laughter & squealing definitely rowls Sugar up.

After our visit with Livie's grandparents, we headed out to the middle of no-where. Our first stop out there was to Uncle Don & Aunt Bonnie's

Can't you tell how much she loves them?!
And as our good luck would have it...
3 Blind Mice were there as well! (ie: The Rat Pack)
Liv really enjoyed counting all her candy for Meg

Then it was off to my parents, where I got this wonderful picture:

And this one:

As much as she loves her Papaw and Nana, it was starting to get very late. So we made it a pretty quick stop.

And we made just 2 more quick stops for the night -- Livia's Aunt Kendra & Uncle Matt's, and my good friends Kellee & Marcus. I didn't really get any good pictures from Kellee's, but I did get some great ones of Liv's cousins:

 Maggie the Pirate
And Wolverine-Man, Nolan
Are they not the cutest?!
And Liv just adores Maggie...

As do I...!

So, that's our Halloween for this year! We had such a wonderful time, and I pray that I'll always be able to take Livia Visit-Treating -- she still got to say "Twick-owr-Tweet!" plenty  :o)

Much love and God's Blessings to everyone!

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dani said...

what great photos of your little livie bug's fun halloween day!!! her costume was cute, Cute, CUTE!!!
much love,
dani xxx