Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Pics (Outfit 1)

After finally making time to download and edit some wonderful Halloween pictures of Livia, I thought I should share some of the loveliness! Now, Liv actually had 2 outfits -- one that was only worn around the house, and was far too big for her. She just loved it so! And I couldn't tell her "No." So here is her Abby-Cadaby outfit, that she'll surely be able to wear for years to come...!

In our front yard

On the sidewalk just beside our house

She just loved her wand!

And in our own back-yard.

I was fortunate enough to get the day off the day before Halloween (I still managed to get in 39 hours for the week though!) so I got so spend all morning with Livia, and she just loved dressing up and showing off for me!

More to come very soon featuring Liv's 2nd outfit on Halloween Day!

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dani said...

so stinking adorable!!! i bet she loved having 2 costumes... both rock:D
dani xxx