Thursday, November 12, 2009

Persimmons & Playing

A couple of weeks ago out in the country, Laura & Michael, the triplets, and Liv & I were out at my parents. While Liv was napping, Mom thought we should all go for a walk on such a beautiful day, so we took the triplets (and Michael) to the persimmon tree. We all had lots of fun, and here's just a few photos from our afternoon...

Michael just couldn't resist jumping on the hay bales on the way!

And the kids loved throwing rocks into the creek.

Below:  Everyone looking around for persimmons

I wish I would have actually taken a picture of a persimmon for those out there who don't know what they are... I will try to explain though.

It's a very small fruit roughly the size of a buckeye (sorry, there are no other fruits that I can think of even close to the size of a persimmon!) They grow on persimmon trees and ripen in late fall. The very best tasting fruit will be on the ground. Unless you want to taste the most bitter thing you'll ever put in your mouth, DO NOT pluck them from the branches! The persimmons are loaded with seeds, and the fruit is just a bit stringy -- it almost feels like cooked sweet potato in your mouth.

Most importantly, they remind me of my Granny. The first time I vividly remember trying them was with Granny, out in the field behind the milk house. I remember her telling me that the ugliest ones tasted the best. But being a head-strong little girl, I just had to try a pretty one for myself... Boy did I regret it! But twenty some-odd years later, I still remember that day. Granny helped wash out that bitter taste in my mouth with the sweet persimmons she gathered, and with a glass of milk when we got back to the farmhouse. I miss my Granny so much sometimes... But it would be selfish of me to want her back here on earth; she and Pa are both in Heaven. And we will always keep them close in our memories and hearts.

After the persimmon tree, we headed back towards my parents

Laura hand-in-hand with Sam & Meg

Meg & her best friend

But before our adventure was over...

Michael just had to climb a tree

 So off he went to climb to the sky...

Most literally!

He made us all so nervous!

Thankfully he began descending

And finally...


On solid(ish) ground!

We would have hated to have to call the fire department to help get him down! Not just because it would most likely take them more than an hour to arrive, but how awful would it have been for a fireman to have to be rescued from such a silly situation!

Michael's escapades didn't come without ramification though. Besides a sore arm shortly after getting down, he also ended up with a raging case of poison ivy all over his legs!

All that mattered for this moment was that my sister's husband had safely made it back to earth...! And as of yesterday, they have already been married for 4 months. I pray for them daily as they've really just begun a long, wonderful journey together!

~Oh, it is Love~

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dani said...

persimmons, huh??? i've never had one, though, i have heard of them. are they anything like figs, amanda???
much love,
dani xxx