Friday, November 6, 2009

Livie's Bug

I often call my sweet little daughter Livie-Bug, which was quite fitting over the past weekend (which I'll post about very shortly!) and over the last couple of days as well...

When we put Liv down to sleep Wednesday night, she felt just a little bit warm... Then Livia woke up in the middle of the night (around 3:30am) with a temp of over 102 and really raspy breathing. I gave her some Tylenol to get her temp down, and called the on-call office for her Doctor to see if I could possibly get her in the following day.

The next day, Livia's fever was down, but her breathing wasn't any better. Thankfully the Dr's Office called back to let us know that they could get her in later that day. Liv ate, drank, and pottied well all day with no symptoms other than the fever & respiratory issues. Her fever began to climb just an hour or so before we left for the doctor, so I held off on giving her more medicine. I had no clue what Livia might have...

So when we arrived for her appointment, I took no chances on getting other kids sick. I put one of those little mask things on her, and took her over to the side where no other children were. Within several minutes we were called back & her vitals were taken.

Her temperature was up to 103.7, she was still breathing really raspy, and you could just tell that she wasn't feeling worth a darn. They were extremely concerned about her breathing -- I was told upfront that if Liv didn't make enough improvement quickly, she would need to be admitted into the hospital. (How scary!)

They gave her some Motrin for the fever, and the Doctor said that they needed to immediately get started on Livia's breathing issues. The nurse gave her a steriod shot (which Liv just hated!) and before her sobs had subsided, she was started on a breathing treatment. She cried for the first several minutes of it, but soon began to doze off as she lay against my shoulder. Soon I was holding the full weight of her sleeping body in my arms as the breathing treatment continued for the next 15-20 minutes.

Just a few minutes before the nurse came back in to check on her, Livia began to stir. She was so glad to get that little breathing mask off her face! I noticed after the little machine was shut off that my daughter was breathing much easier -- the raspiness was almost completely gone!

Livia's Doctor came in but just a few minutes later, and was very pleased at how much Liv had improved. She asked that we stick around for just a few minutes more to make for sure that Livia was in fact in the clear.

About 15 minutes later, we were given the go-ahead to head back home!

I know that we dodged a very big bullet. Liv's doctor said that normally, a child coming into the office breathing as bad as Livia was would end up being admitted into the hospital. We were very lucky, and if Livia were to have any trouble breathing again, we'd need to take her right in (no waiting at all!)

Luckily, Livie-Bug seems to be doing better and better. No fever all day today; she did feel just a little tiny bit warm before we put her to bed. I'm just going to continue to pray that God watch over her & bring her health back up to 100%. Hopefully her 'bug' will be completely gone just as quickly as it arrived!

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