Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday USMC

Today is the United States Marine Corp Birthday -- 234 years and still going strong! So this post is in honor of both the USMC, and my husband who honorably served our country in the USMC for 5 years (from 1996 to 2001).  In honor of my husband's stint in the Marine Corp, here are some scanned pictures I'm blessed to have archived (Enjoy!):

Is there any wonder why I love my Marine?!  *swoon!*

My husband & his father

Matt, Perry, & Trilby

Matt, Bill, & Perry

The whole family

Perry & his parents

And more pictures of Perry & others in the Marine Corp:



I hope these photos will bring back some wonderful memories for my husband... Perry will always be my Marine. He's said many a time to me, "I'm not as mean, not as lean -- but still a Marine!" Here's to you, Perry! Thank you for serving and protecting the United States in the Marine Corp.

And Perry, here are just a few images I found that made me think of you.  I love you more than all the Birthdays the Marines will ever have!



On a side note:  I'm happy to report that Livia is finally starting to feel like herself again! She's still coughing, but not nearly as much as days prior.

She did go to Day Care both today and yesterday -- they noticed that she just wasn't quite herself yesterday. A little whiny, clingy, and congested; but no fever and nothing else worthy of sending her home.

Today, they said she was much more like herself! I noticed it first thing this morning, and she was just as sweet when I picked her up after work. I made some homemade Chicken Picata with pasta for us, and she loved it! Too much I think -- it ended up all over her! Nothing a warm, bubbly bath wouldn't fix though.

Tomorrow, I'm off work thank to Veteran's Day! Lots that I hope to accomplish. We'll see how it goes  :o)

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dani said...

give perry my belated note of thanks for serving our great country and protecting her!!!
much love,
dani xxx