Monday, November 23, 2009

Livia's Bug (Still Continued)

I stayed home from work today with Livia. Ever since I took Liv in to the Doctor a couple of weeks ago, she's had an on-and-off cough. Today, I decided that her cough was getting bad enough to warrent another trip to her Doctor.

It turns out that my mommy-gut was right; Livia has bronchitis. She'll be on amoxacilin for the next 10 days. But just as long as she doesn't have a fever & she's feeling ok, we've been given the go-ahead to take her back to day care tomorrow.

Though I'm very thankful that Livia wasn't seriously ill, I'm praying that this will be the end of her sickness!


dani said...

livia has been under the weather for long enough, amanda!!! bless her heart... i hope she will be 100% when she finishes her antibiotic:)
much love,
dani xxx
ps. i have commented several of your recent posts; but they are not there??? i KNOW i commented on the two halloween posts:(

PhotoChick said...

Thank you SO much for all your sweet comments!!! I have no clue why they weren't showing up... I hope it's nothing I did to my settings! I think you actually commented on close to a dozen! WOW! And at any rate, they seem to be showing up now (for me at least).
I'm sure hoping the antibiotic will do the trick for Liv -- 5 doses down, 15 yet to go!
Thank you so much again for all your wonderful commnets! You just absolutely made my day!!!
Love always!