Saturday, November 7, 2009

Livie's Bug (Continued)

It seems that Livia still isn't entirely over her "bug". She ran a fever late in the middle of the night last, and did today as well...

It was a very busy day, and I was SO blessed to have my wonderful parents to help to look after Livia while I took pictures with my Aunt Tanya. I had lots of fun, but Liv was in the back of my mind all day.

Just before I put her to bed tonight, we gave Liv another dose of Tylenol to get her fever down. I also put Vapor-Rub on the bottoms of her feet in hopes that it really will help to relieve her coughing and congestion a bit. (Guess we'll see if that e-mail is true, Huh Mom?) Oh, and I put a vaporizer in Livia's room as well.

I'm just going to pray that those things will help her to feel better tomorrow... If she still has fever, I fear we won't be going to church -- again! Last week I just couldn't drag either one of us out of bed in time. We were out until almost midnight Visit-Treating, and even with the time change we just couldn't get up early enough for church.

As sick-ish as Livia has been, she has thankfully been in great spirits. She ate really good yesterday & the day before, but it sounds like not as much today.

I just pray that my daughter will get to feeling better soon...

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