Saturday, June 7, 2008

Olivia Anne's Baptism

I'm finally getting around to putting up more pictures from Olivia's Baptism! I'm quite the perfectionist, and wanted to make sure the pictures from this special day portrayed the magic and wonder as much as possible.

Sweet little Olivia Anne

She was so tired that she slept through much of this special day, but that meant things went smooth as silk.

Olivia's Godparents - Ryan and Ashley - holding her just before the Baptismal service began

Little Olivia in her sweet little gown and bonnet.

Olivia being Baptized
And drying her off just afterward

Would you believe that she didn't cry one little bit? Olivia was so good during the entire baptismal.

The Father blessing little Olivia, anointing her with oil.

Jamie, Warren, & Olivia with Ashley & Ryan - they're not only Olivia's Godparents, but they're also Jamie's cousins.

Here's Matt & Katie (Jamie's brother & sister) along with Jamie, Warren, & Olivia plus Ashley and Ryan.

I had to get a few pictures of Jamie and Warren with their little girl...

They love each other and Olivia SO much!

One last shot of Warren holding Olivia - almost the same shot I first put up a couple of days ago.

It was SUCH a beautiful ceremony, and I'm happy (and a bit surprised) to say that my daughter was good as gold throughout the whole thing. She's really getting used to Jamie's family - while I was snapping away throughout the entire ceremony, she sat with Katie (Jamie's sis) and Lexi (Jamie's niece). Lexi LOVES kids, and it's always a joy to have her around.

I may try to get a few more pictures up later on - with Liv, Lexi, and other family there - but that means more editing! For now, much love to you all and God Bless!


E and T said...

Hi Amanda

What a wonderful job you did. You succeeded in capturing the magic, wonder and love that was so evident on the day. I particularly love the pictures of Olivia in her gown and bonnet and the pictures of Olivia with her mummy and daddy.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Love and hugs

Valarie said...

You di da wonderful job on the pictures, and I know they will appreciate them forever. :o)

Tabitha said...

Oh what lovely photos and what a sweet little girl!!
I love the photos you post on the blog, they are great!
Hope you are having a nice weekend,
love and Hugs ~ Tabitha XX

dani said...

your photos are lovely as usual:D i'm certain warren and jamie were so pleased with your finished product.
they are such a beautiful couple blessed with sweet little olivia!!!

Egghead said...

These are such sweet pictures. Great documenting for this family...I love it.