Friday, June 6, 2008

How I know...

I am truly. utterly. absolutely. entirely in love:

~I get tears in my eyes every time I see a wedding scene, no matter how corny the movie~
As I was editing pictures, I had a movie on in the background that I was barely even half-watching. I did give it my full attention when I heard the familiar lines I heard at my own wedding... Even though it's not me saying those special words, I still like to remind myself of the day I did take my vows. I meant every word with all my heart and soul, and I'll keep them forever.

~I dream of renewing our vows all the time~
And I renew them in my heart and mind all the time as well. Our vows were the most memorable part of our wedding, and definitely the most important.

~I say "I love you" to my husband just as much as his name~
Possibly more! Sometimes I worry that I'm wearing out this phrase, and actually asked Perry about that today. Perry said, "That's one thing you can never say too much." I hugged him tight and said those words over and over and over in his ear.

~Even the hottest of hot-guys don't appeal to me at all~
Forget the days of getting all googley-eyed over celebrities and cute guys with the best bodies, eyes, or even voices. Out of all honesty, my husband's the most attractive man in the whole world to me.

~The little changes we've made for each other~
I could never even imagine not making little changes for him. Though I never did or even would have for anyone else. The best thing is, all the little changes I've made for him - I LOVE! (Like being more organized, getting in to a better schedule so that we have more time together, etc.)

~Our special looks~
With just one glance, I can tell how he's feeling - sometimes what he's even thinking. And he can do the same with me. We even have special little things we'll do, that only we know what they mean or are about

~I only dream of him~
It's true. Every time I dream of a man in any type of romantic way, it's always of my husband.

And so much more! But that's all I can think of right now, and I've definitely stalled enough. But forget the pictures now - it's time for bed! I'm off to join the love of my life in this world, and in dreamworld. Much love to you all!


mah-meeee said...

very sweet post to your hubby!

dani said...

so sweet, amanda... and, fortunately, i totally understand:)

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Aint true love grand. How blessed we are to have the husbands that we do and the unconditional love.

This is such a sweet post.

Love and hugs

Egghead said...

This is why you will be together forever I am sure. It takes this kind of thinking to make it through any hard times in the future. I look forward to hearing about your future 50 or 60 years.