Monday, June 30, 2008

Just Because

Last week, I started writing little notes and such to my husband. I think about him all the time, but I realized that there's no possible way he could know that unless I did something to show him. One night I even baked him a 'just because' cake (my own creation!) and wrote him a poem to match. Why just because? Well, that is exactly why. Just because.

Just Because
Just Because I love you
Just Because you're mine
Just Because you're everything
I've ever hoped to find

Just Because you're wonderful
Just Because you're neat
Just Because without you
My life is incomplete

Just Because you hold me
Just Because you care
Just Because I truly know
You'll always be right there

Just Because you're handsome
Just Because you're great
Just Because I've always known
You are my perfect mate.

Love you so much, and thank God for you every day, Perry. You're such an amazing husband and father!

All my love,
Your Babydoll


Tabitha said...

What a lovely poem Amanda ~ and I love the idea of a 'just because' cake!! You are just so sweet XXXX

dani said...

you two are incredibly sweet... actually you three;) i cannot leave out livia, a!!!